To manage the quick links, click the ellipses (three dot drop down menu) on the quick links dashboard widget.

  • Click Add Link (1) if you're creating a new one, or the edit button under actions if editing an existing one.
  • Enter a title (2) for the link, the link URL (5), and select whether you want the link to open in a new window or in the same window (6)
    Include the https:// part in the URL if it's an external link (not a link within Op Central).
  • If you have an icon view, select the icon by clicking the button at the top of the column (3). It will open up a new window called Cheatsheet. Scroll down, identify the icon you want, and copy the name - you do not need to include the "fa-" part, just the name. Paste that name into the field in Op Central (4).
  • If using a thumbnail view, simply click Upload Thumbnail and select from your local drive. Square thumbnails look best, eg 200x200 or 500x500px.
  • Then click the checkmark button to save (7) the link.
  • By default, all users are able to see the quick link.
  • If you want to restrict this so only certain roles can see it, click the lock button (8) and change the permission setting from "Public" to "Private", then select which roles are allowed to see it. Click save.
  • Follow steps 3-8 to add in more. You can add as many as you like, there is no limit. 
  • Click close when you are done and admire the changes!
    If you don't save the link by clicking the checkmark button (7) after editing, your changes will be lost if you click close on the window. 


Change the view by using the drop down menu in the top right (10)


To change the order of the quick links:

  • Drag & drop using the three line ("hamburger") button on the far left side of each link (9)