Put any important contacts front and center on the Dashboard by using the Key Contacts widget. This displays their name, job title and workplace/location, as well as a contact card when their picture is clicked on. The details displayed on the contact card are the same as those listed in the Staff Directory. 

Adding people is easy:

    1. Click the ellipses (three dot menu) on the dashboard widget and then on to Manage Key Contacts
    2. On the pop-up, click the Add New button, start typing the person's name then select them from the drop down menu, then click the tick box to save
    3. Add as many contacts as you like, then click Close
    4. By default, the widget is named "Key Contacts" but you can rename it by going to System Settings > Key Contacts module settings
    5. Ensure the proper roles can see the widget by adding them via System Settings > Key Contacts > Permissions tab


Note: Please contact the support team or your account manager if you are interested in having this widget added to your dashboard, or the Staff Directory module added to your platform.