We take your platform security very seriously. In addition to having your information stored in a secure cloud environment with password encryption, you also have the option to use additional advanced security settings in-platform. View these settings by clicking the Systems Settings tab under your Profile icon, and  then clicking Security under the General Settings box.



  1. IP Firewall: Disables access to the platform for any computer (IP address) that isn't listed. This option may be useful if you only have a small team of staff or if everyone is required to do training from one device. 
  2. Auto Log-Out: Automatically log-out users that have been inactive for the specified number of minutes.
  3. Login Settings: If you utilize Active Directory, you may use that for log-in. If you change this option from Vortilla to Active Directory, only those users listed in your Active Directory can log-in. Users who are not added to Active Directory will not be able to log-in.  For more information visit Microsoft's website. Op Central requires an initial sync to your Active Directory, so please contact us if you would like to set this up.