If you are a full system Admin or have permission to Manage Forums, you can set up keywords that will get flagged for moderation when posted. This means you will get notified via email and in-platform, when a "moderated" word or phrase gets posted. 

To set up your moderated keywords:

1. In the side menu, click Discussion Forums. Then click the three dot drop down menu (ellipses), then Moderate.


2. This page will show any posts awaiting moderation. Click Manage Keywords.


3. Add your new keyword phrase, and select the priority.

Low Priority: These words will automatically trigger an email notification to users with moderate "Notifications" enabled. The system will allow the poster to create the post normally. 

High Priority: These words will automatically be flagged as not suitable and the system will not allow the poster to create the post. 


4. Your keywords / phrases will then display in the list, and can be removed whenever you like.


Moderators will only be notified of the posts requiring moderation, if the "Notifications" box has been ticked within the Forum setup (User Permissions tab):