Each file uploaded into the File Manager has it's own version number, which can be updated very easily! Updating a new version will automatically update the file anywhere across the platform it has been linked; this handy for managing common images that are shared across many manuals like logos and icons, as well as frequently accessed resources like equipment spec sheets and MSDS information. 

To view or update the version of a file within the File Manager:

  1. Click File Manager icon from within your Work Central/Manuals tab (or click the side menu button for File Manager if you have that configuration).

  2. Find and click on the file you want to check/update

  3. On the side panel that opens from the right, click the "File Versions" button

4. In the pop-up window, you can:

  • Upload a new version
  • View and download previous versions
  • Delete previous versions


Important Tips

  • Updating a file version DOES NOT change the name of the file, regardless if the new file version is a different name. If you want to change the NAME of the file, you must do that separately to updating the file version. 

  • Updating a file version DOES NOT notify any users. If you want to notify users of a change to the file version, you could also update the version of the policy it is linked to, or another method such as a post an announcement via the News articles.

  • Only users with "Write" permission for a file or folder and any roles with the "Manage Content" permission can change/edit the versions.