Here are the updates, improvements and changes released over the month of December 2021! Our development has been hard at work building a major new update - stay tuned, the announcement is coming soon.

Improved Function: Relationship Manager - Exporting Activity Log
(Connect Central)

You can now export a singular type of activity from the relationship manager/connect central, by clicking the filter button and selecting your desired activity type before exporting. This will then export a .csv file of the relevant data for the selected activity, within the date range you choose. 

Previously, this exported an entire record of all activities in the activity log and could only be filtered from within the exported .csv file.


New Feature: Policies - Clone a Policy
(Work Central)

Creating a duplicate copy of a policy is very easy now, thanks to the addition of a "Clone" function. This is useful if your business has standardised formatting for policies, and you have or want to have a blank template version that is cloned and used to publish new policies.

You will find the clone button on the "All Policies" page:

And also from within a manual, in the Document Library widget:


Improved Function: Policy Reporting - New column added

The Role column has been added to the "Staff" tab on the Reporting page. 


Improved Function: News Reporting - New column added

The Role column has been added to the Unread & Read tabs for News articles, on the Reporting page.


New Feature: Locations - Export Location data

You can now export a Location's "profile". All data will be downloaded in a ZIP file, which includes a spreadsheet of the text fields, as well as any files against custom fields.

This is handy if you would like to take a "snapshot" of a location's information to store on record, such as before a new franchisee takes ownership and the location details will be changed to new records.

You can export the location profile/data from the "edit location" page:

And also from within the Relationship Manager (Connect Central):


Improved Function: Forms - Updated Submission Info
(People or Audit Central)

The user name who submitted the form and the date it was submitted, now displays at the top of each submission when you are viewing it. 

If the submission was made from a public URL, then it is displayed as "Anonymous".


Improved Function: Training - Correct/Incorrect Attempt History Indicators
(Learn Central)

Symbols to identify correct or incorrect answers have been added to the "attempt history" PDF export for Quiz assessments. This helps to see quickly at a glance which questions a learner got right or wrong in previous attempts at the quiz.