Automate the induction of new employees by creating Onboarding programs. Every new user can then be automatically enrolled into the correct program to have them enter personal details, banking information, sign off important policies, and more. 

Users that are enrolled into an onboarding program will not be able to access the platform until all mandatory tasks are completed. 

  1. Click Admin > Onboarding Programs
  2. Click Create Program
  3. On the Program details page, fill in the title of your onboarding program, a welcome message (displayed to the new user) and a video (optional), who should be enrolled into this program automatically (can be changed at user creation), and how often they should get reminder emails when not completed.
  4. Click Tasks
    Note: Op Central is unable to add any additional toggles under "Personal Details" at this time. If needed, further information can be collected using User Custom Fields and an associated Form after the completion of the structured onboarding program.
  5. Select which personal details the user is required to enter by using the on/off toggles. 
    Note: All data collected must still be sent to the relevant agencies manually. Op Central does not have any integrations with any Tax Office, Superannuation funds, etc.
  6. To require the user to upload documents, such as copies of passports, forms specific to your company, certificates related to their job, etc, tick the 'Enable' box on the 'Submit Documents' accordion. 
  7. Click Add Document, then enter the name, instructions (ie download, fill in and re-upload, etc), and add a reference document if needed. 
    Note: a reference document could be an example of what you want them to attach, or the actual document itself such as a form. The user is able to download the file directly. 
  8. Choose whether the document is mandatory by ticking the box. 
  9. Ensure you click the checkmark under Actions to save the document.
  10. Add as many document requirements as needed using the same steps. 
  11. Next, choose whether the user needs to read any mandatory policies before accessing the platform. Enable this by ticking the "Enable" box on the Policy Sign Offs accordion. 
  12. Search for the mandatory policy and click it's name to add it. Do this for each mandatory policy you want to include. 
  13. Finally, set the permissions of this onboarding program. 
  14. Choose who can export the users onboarding (inductee) details, and who gets notified when a user completes their onboarding. The notification has an associated email, the template can be edited by going to the System Settings (reference image below video)
  15. Click Preview to ensure you've included everything you want to include, and then click Publish when finished. The program will be available to use immediately.