Discussion forums allow users to engage with each other and fosters a sense of community. 

The discussions that happen within a forum are sometimes also known as 'threads'. Individual posts from users live within these discussions/threads. Each discussion/thread is assigned a topic, for easy categorisation.

  1. Click Create Forum
  2. Add the forum title and a description (optional)
  3. Choose whether it's a public or private forum
  4. Add a thumbnail image
  5. Click User Permissions
  6. Users with the role of Admin are automatically able to both Administrate the forum (ie manage topics) and Moderate (ie check flagged posts)
  7. Add any other users you'd like to have either access to administrate or moderate, and who receives notification of when posts need review.
  8. In order for users to be able to start creating discussions, you need to first create topics for those discussions
  9. Click the "View" button on the forum
  10. Under the ellipses (top right corner, three dot button) click Manage Topics
  11. Add as many different topics as you like. When users create discussions, they will assign one of these topics to their discussion
  12. To create the first discussion, click Create Discussion. This could be a welcome thread, one for questions or feedback, etc.
  13. Enter the details and click Save. You will then see your new thread/discussion and other user will be able to interact with it.