Overnight on March 24th 2022, there will be an update to optimize the performance of the Location Audits module.

This update will help alleviate unnecessary submissions from the outstanding list that are not required and do not need to be done by a certain user or time.  

The update: Submissions will no longer appear in the "Outstanding" tab, unless they have been marked as a "Required Task" in the audit questionnaire settings.

This update applies to:

  1. All existing audits
  2. Newly created audits moving forward


What this update means for you:

  • After the update, any audits that are NOT marked as a Required Task, will be removed from the Outstanding tab. 
  • Those audits can still be done via the "Submit Audit" button whenever needed. 

  • If you would like to keep your audits appearing under the Outstanding tab, you will need to mark them as a Required Task.

    • Marking audits as a Required Task will mean that the Roles/Users you mark the Required Task for will have a "Task" in their toolbar for the locations they can do the audit for, and it will not clear until they (or someone else from the location) starts the audit.