(This tutorial is for the original Training module (launched 2018), click here for the redesigned Training module)

Quizzes are the most common form of assessment. They are automatically graded by the system, including the short answer questions (they are marked as correct regardless of answer). 

The quiz is most commonly used for multiple choice, yes/no and true/false questions. 

Learners have three attempts at getting the answers correct; all answers must be correct to pass. If a learner exceeds their attempts, an assessor or admin will be notified, and they need to manually re-set the learners attempts. 

To create a quiz:

  1. Within the program you would like to add the quiz to, under the activity library, click the three dot menu and then "Create assessment".
  2. Choose assessment type Quiz. Enter the details. The reference is automatically generated by the Name, but you can change it if you like.
  3. Enter any instructions that will display to the learner. 
  4. Optional: Add an estimated time to complete this quiz.
  5. Optional: Turn on question groups. These are separate sections for your questions, like sections. Learners will need to click "next" to move between the different question groups. With no question groups, all questions display on the same page.
  6. Click save, and you will redirected to the quiz builder page.
  7. Add a question group, then use the "+" button to add all your questions.
  8. Be sure to select the corresponding correct answer for each question.
  9. Click publish.
  10. Your new quiz will display in the activity library. Drag and drop it to wherever you would like it to sit within your program. The program will then automatically update with the new quiz. 
  11. You can preview the quiz from a learners perspective by clicking the preview button.