The Purchasing module is a legacy module and is not available to add to your platform.

Adding a category or new product to your Purchasing module is done by following these steps: 

  1. Under the Purchasing side menu tab, click Products. 
  2. Click the ellipses (three dot menu) on the right next to View Orders, and click Manage Products.
  3. From this screen, you can add a new product or add new categories by clicking the ellipses again. This will bring up a popup window for category management. 
  4. Once your categories are created you can then add products to those categories. 
  5. Click Create New Product.
  6. Fill in the title, add a thumbnail, select the category, add a description and select which user is the 'supplier' for that product. This may be someone at head office who looks after that product's orders, or you can set external suppliers up with a platform log-in to manage the orders in Op Central themselves. The user's role must have access to the Purchasing module via the System/Module Settings, and also have the "User is a Supplier" box ticked under module or role permissions.

    Note: The supplier of the product will get an email notifying them of a new order when one is placed, with a link to the purchase order.

  7. Click submit to save the entry. 
  8. Add a price for the product by clicking the "$" button corresponding to the product on the list. Your product will not display in the catalog until there has been a price set.
  9. If you have multiple suppliers, each one needs to have the price set. 
  10. Click save when complete. 
  11. Your product and pricing will now display in the product catalog.